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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  April 29, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> it will happen by this weekend. you will be wearing shorts and t-shirts. this morning it is still cold. be prepared for that. there could be some frost on your windshield. 40 at the airport. 46 at the maryland science center. it will not be as windy today. yesterday we were stuck in the upper 50's. we will get near 70 today. we will make one step today and another step to mark and we will get into the 80's this weekend. >> it sounds good. we have one problem on route 30 coming out of hampstead. all lanes are closed in both directions because of an accident and a fuel spill. you want to avoid this area. we are looking at a pretty smooth ride around the area.
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53 on the west side. not to bet on the j.f.x. heading down towards town. 11 minutes is your outer loop time. on the west side, only 11 minutes there. six minutes to the fort mchenry. carper road is checking out fine. the entire beltway is running road is -- carper ro harper checking out fine. back to you. >> a police pursuit leads to a deadly crash. >> officers were attempting to make a drug bust when a car took off and killed an innocent man. jennifer franciotti has the details. >> this started off as an undercover operation.
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>> my heart goes out to the family. >> james was home when a car crashed into his deck. albert david would die from his injuries. he was the father of it baltimore city police officer. >> our prayers go out to them. if we could change things, it would not have happened. >> the couple was hit by drug suspect that were fleeing from officers. when they approached the vehicle, they took off. >> the officers got to the car. the suspect hit a civilian vehicle at a high rate of speed. >> the suspects were both 40 years old. umar burley and brent matthews. they both have had prior
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arrests and in this case -- >> they could be charged with vehicular manslaughter. there will be the drug charges. there will be traffic violations. >> we are told the elderly woman is in shock trauma in serious condition. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> news of a baltimore child being bullied at school brings to light a local problem. kerry cavanaugh has the details. >> a third grader said police drove her to the brink of suicide. stories like hers are increasingly common. teachers and parents get trained to recognize bullying situations. >> bowling becomes a pattern.
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the intent is to harm -- bullying becomes a pattern. one myth is that bullying is natural and is a part of growing up. rumor spreading. i hear a lot of teachers say, what am i supposed to do? i cannot punish her for rolling her eyes. >> teachers can often change the dynamic by bringing up the topic in class. >> the real power is in the hands of the bystander. >> experts point to the death of one girl as the proof of school- related harassments. a group of classmates launched an online hate campaign that drove the freshman to suicide. >> a little thing will start and it rolls down the hill.
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kids are on facebook and myspace having at it with each other. >> one woman eds the effects of bullying are not just emotional. they're often extend your child's report card. >> they cannot learn if they are doing all this stuff 24/7. >> your tolerance can sometimes backfire. it is just as important to address the class as a halt to change the climate that allows it to happen in the first place. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think schools need to take more direct action to prevent bullying? e-mail your response to that is april is child abuse awareness month. the most common signs. in most cases, the victim knows
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their attacker. one in four girls will report some type of sexual abuse by the age of 18. >> there are many out there that haven't reported that. regressive behavior. difference in sleeping, mood, apatite. if a child starts dressing differently. appetite. sid >> the university of maryland is shedding light on how they will use funding. it will be used for adult stem cell receptoresearch. there will treat diseases that come directly from the patient and can become any kind of cell.
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>> to find them in intestine. you have to find the few that are stem cell to make them survive outside the body and to make them capable to become multiple. >> scientist need to learn how to keep the cells alive and transform them before they can be transferred to patients. what doctors say is standing in the wake of patients recovering in hospitals. >> finding it hard to sleep? >> we're checking on your morning commute. we are dealing with one problem in hampstead.
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>> welcome back. it is coming up on 40 minutes past 5:00 a.m. it will be a beautiful sunrise this morning. we will wind up with warmer temperatures. there could be some frost in some of the suburbs. 39 degrees in frederick. pennsylvania. we will make up to 70 today. we will take a look at the seven-day forecast and see what is on tap for the weekend. for now, over to the news desk. >> patients find it harder to recover in hospitals because of bright lights and loud noises. earplugs and by masks were tested. these findings were compared to sleep patterns the previous
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night without sleep aids. the masks and plugs helped drain out the atmosphere and improved sleep quality. >> bright lights from computer disruptor tv's could your sleep. if you use gadgets before sleep, it could trick your body into not going to sleep because of the light the images put out. " you want to have darkness. the brain perceives light as a signal that's makes you awake. >> when your body is exposed to light, it prevents it from melatonin.m this causes your brain to tossed and turned all night. i did not have a tv or computer
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in my bedroom. >> it is pitch black when we get up. >> 5:41, 44 degrees. some changes could be coming to the white teachers are graded. >> this is a live look at the inner harbor. we will check on your morning commute. hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. we do have one problem in hampstead. proved 30 is blocked in both directions at phillips drive. there is an accident with a fuel spill. let's see what else is going on. volume is building southbound i- 95 at 48 miles an hour. things are picking up on the west side. j.f.x. at 61 miles per hour.
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no other problems reported. 11 minutes on the north side. tennis and southbound 95 down to 32. we start with 795. southbound traffic going away from us. we have increased volume. we have a live view at 70. no problems yet. thinks it fill up in the eastbound direction over towards 29. now let's get the latest on the buses and trains. good morning. >> just a few diversions on the buses this morning. the 36 bus because of some road construction. southbound diverting because of construction. the rails are looking very good. no problems on the brunswick line. monthly passes will end after
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may 5. monthly passes will be available all light rail vending machines and st. paul street in. on kurt kronke. >> we are off to another chilly start on this thursday morning. we will show you the complete seven day in just a few minutes. we say good morning to santer shot in glen burnie. people will be thinking -- which sycamore to sandra shaw -- we say good morning to sandra shaw. >> it is a plant swap. everybody got up this morning. we are here on roosevelt avenue. this is the first ever community planned swap. it takes place on saturday.
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alan gardner -- ellen gardner. >> you can swap it anything you want, anything garden related. people have been selling plants in the past. i thought it would be better to try swapping them. plants are so expensive. i have too much of everything and plenty to get rid of. >> look at this garden. we have a couple of acres. you said everything here is going to go. >> i will be splitting a lot of them. >> you will get more variety. you said this is kind of a trend across the country. you have been reading about this on craigslist. >> they have them here. i have not been to any. i decided to have my own.
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i have customers that will be coming. >> as far as what you can bring, you can bring another plant. correct you can bring anything garden related. perennials are good to divide. i put a list of things in my e- mail. my granddaughter has a list. >> your grand children will be helping. >> and my knees. >> it sounds good. how long -- and my niece. i do this every year. i just add things. it has taken about 10 years to establish everything. >> you may want to get started this week. this is in glen burnie. come out to the planned swap here on roosevelt avenue. -- come out to the plant swap. we will have milder conditions
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today. it was downright chilly yesterday. way out west there is another storm system. it will not affect us until monday of next week. we will not have any rain until next week. >> i have never heard of a plant swap before. is it an even trade? >> pretty much. she is running in. it is her rules. it is kind of like that. a good idea.ould it may not be exactly even. it is an agreement. >> kind of light trading baseball cards. you have a repeat stan stovall card, it is priceless. -- if you have a repeat stan stovall card, it is priceless. we will talk you in the next
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half-hour. weather-wise, but you want to cover up the plants because there could be some frost in the northwest suburbs. temperatures have dropped into the 30's. 39 in parkton. it will warm up quickly. today it will make it close to 70. clear skies. it will be a beautiful sunrise in about 20 minutes. the temperature will jump about 10 degrees right after. high pressure will stay in control. that usually means good news. our surface winds will turn to the southwest. a little cool we will make it up close to 69 or 70 this afternoon. we should be in that neighborhood under mostly sunny skies. it will be clear and not as cold
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as the last few nights with temperatures dropping back to the 40's. going into the weekend, it will turn much warmer. upper 70's to around 80 on saturday with sunshine. still in the 80's on sunday. a slight chance for it thunderstorm in the afternoon. the best chance of rain will hold off until monday and tuesday of next week. a beautiful stretch of weather as we head into the beginning of the weekend. we send it back to the news desk. >> we want reform to be a part. >> it is too early to say we do not like the design of this. that is not fair. >> the teachers affect on students could be affected by new guidelines. half of a teacher's evaluation
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will be based on student growth spurt is part of a plan to win part of an education grant. the review with look at results of high school assessments. the other half would include teacher planning and preparation. proposal is raising some doubt. the evaluation program will not change fred least another two years. >> 44 degrees. >> we have a look at one of your answers to our wwater cooler question of the day. >> these are the winning maryland lottery numbers from last night. good luck. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow
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the way car buying should be. >> the baltimore animal shelter has made huge strides in saving animals. >> debra wiener has a story. >> the numbers are staggering. the amount of animals taken in by the city animal shelter. ,000 last year. the case of choice and the three dogs she surrendered has struck a nerve. >> i did not want these dogs to die. they did not deserve to die. they were happy here. i would have kept them here. >> what happened to the three
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dogs was rare but painful. euthanized 15 minutes after she surrendered them. >> we took over the shelter to save everybody. we are faced with the challenge of having to make these choices. it is the hardest thing you can do. >> they explained what happened. this has become a daily crisis of managing the dozens of pets surrendered every day. i'm deborah winger. >> time to get to one of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- do you think schools need to take more direct action to prevent bullying? e-mail your response to
5:57 am we will post them on the front page of our website. the alleged leader of the baltimore drug ring will learn his fate. >> numbers are released on a new recycling program. >> engineers got almost everything right when it came to loading up a research balloon. everything but the flight part. we will show you what happened. >> it is another cold start for us on this thursday. >> we are searching for problems and thankfully not finding many. we have one problem in hampstead. >> an elderly man becomes a victim of the drug
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>> an elderly man becomes a


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